Where do I run my edit software for best results?

I put together a pretty capable system with the intent of editing HD Video, but I don\'t know the best way to set up my software with regard to my storage media. Where should I store the program, raw footage, working files, finished product, etc.? I have a RAID-0 Drive (2 SATA-3 @1TB) still untouched and dedicated for this purpose. I also have my system drive (single SATA-3 1TB drive) and a SSD (256GB) currently just running ReadyBoost. Mobo is ASUS Maximus IV Extreme with an Intel i7-2600k, running at 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM.

Until I get the everything properly configured and determine the best configuration for performance, I will continue to use Adobe Premier Elements 10, but I will quickly upgrade to Premier Pro once I find some good advice. (I might use another top editor, if I find that there are significant performance advantages considering the system I've built.)
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  1. The SSD is where I would put the OS and programs, the RAID 0 setup is where I would store the files, and then the odd drive out could be for the swap file and other miscellaneous files that aren't edited videos or applications, etc. You could also put the odd drive out as part of the RAID 0 array if you wanted.
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