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I have just bought an entry level Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L1718 laptop for my younger brother as a 21st present. It runs Windows Vista premium (home edition) and has 1GB RAM installed (2 x 512mb). It uses 128mb for graphics which leaves 894mb for everything else. I have read that Vista needs a minimum of 1GB RAM...

The manual says you can upgrade to a maximum of 2GB, but I am considering buying 1 x 2GB chip from and then that would take the system to 2.5GB RAM.

What are the implications of doing this and would it harm the computer? Should I rather just purchase a 1GB chip to increase it by a further 512mb or should I leave the system as is?

All opinions and thoughts welcome!

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  1. If it says upgrade to max 2gb then more than likely if you put a 2gb stick in there it wont recognise it and most likely not boot or detect as something smaller and have issues.
    Personally i would see how it goes first, monitor memory and caching and see if it runs doggy. If not than good, if it does try the extra 512mb with a 1gb stick.
  2. How many memory slots do you have?

    Most notebooks just have two, so if you purchase two 1 GB sticks you will have to replace the old with the new and will have the 2 GB limit, which is probably the best way to go. The good news is that memory prices are very low - maybe record lows - so it is a good time to max out.
  3. I don't believe the chipset will support more than 2 Gb of ram
  4. Most likely the Laptop has 2 Memory Slots and will not recognize over 1gb in each Slot.

    Most likely, you should be OK with what you have.
    This computer will most likely not be able to play games very well.
    This means office work, browsing the net, etc.... which all will likely do OK with the memory you have installed already.
  5. You're a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place. Most likely, the 2GB "limit" only means that the company hasn't tested the new 2GB SODIMMs on that model, but they should work. OTOH, Vista really needs a minimum of 2GB to run decently, and 3GB will be better. Here's what I would do:
    1) Buy a 1GB SODIMM *and* a 2GB SODIMM.
    2) Install both for a total of 3GB; the 1GB SODIMM will definitely work. If there are problems with the 2GB SODIMM, return/sell it and buy a 2nd 1GB SODIMM and install it instead.
  6. Crucial's memory configurator just uses the info from the manufacturer, so it doesn't address the OP's issue.
  7. Laptop has 2 memory slots available. I am comfortable installing the RAM into the memory slot located on the bottom of the laptop (externally) but as for installing the second RAM into the slot located internally, I don't think I'm the man for the job.

    I think I'll probably go for a 1GB chip for now, which will bring me an extra 512mb...

    Thanks for the replies!!
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