new seagate certified repaired hdd create extreme loud cracking noise

Hi members,
I'm new and novice user in hardware terms.

please help.. I just got a seagate 160gb ST3160812AS sata with a Certified Repaired HDD on it.
At first I was suspicious what this label means.. Is it secondhand HDD?
So I asked the seller what is it? He told me don't know what it means and giving assure it has a one-year guarantee trade without physical damage.

As i don't really know much about the hardware terms, I took it (fool me)

First three weeks it's all good.. works fine.. then come to this last two days. it suddenly makes this loud cracking noise. unlike usual HDD noise this one almost sounded like a metal plate collide with each other.. very scary

I am concerned.. though no reduced performance ever occurred but I fear it's a signal for something really bad in near future (at least in one-year span)
While it's still new and no much data on it.. I plan to return it.

Please help... it's that normal on a "certified repaired hdd"?
Also I've checked the S/N on the web that this HD is really refurbished stuff and will go expired by seagate worldwide warranty in 27 July 2008.

I felt ripped off by the dealer...
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  1. I'm surprised no one said anything, but I'd return it ASAP. Even try to get your money back and try to buy one brand new, so you can have a fresh warranty working for you.
  2. Certified Repaired HDD from seagate is not a clone or sumthin...actually its an original HDD like the model ure using before...juz a spare for RMA unit...

    when they(seagate) manufactured like example a 250GB...example,they manufactured total 1100 units of the same model...than they will sell only 1000 unit and 100 more as backup for RMA with Certified Repaired HDD sticker on it...
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