Iolo's System Mechanic or TuneUp Utilities?


I'm a user of TuneUp Utilities for some years, but was taking a look in the new version of System Mechanic, from iolo, and found it amazing. I'm currently using TuneUp Utilities 2012, and thinking in to change.

I would like to know your opinions about both softwares, please, also considering the new version of System Mechanic:

What is the better? What are your opinions, please?

Thanks in advance for any help! :)
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  1. TuneUp Utilities 2012.
    System Mechanic = issues
  2. Hi,

    Thank you. :)

    But, why is System Mechanic so problematic?
  3. Makes OS very unstable.
  4. This is sad. I thought it was a very good tool.
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