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Wasn't sure where to post this so I figured that this would be the best place. I have had to reformate my hard drive twice lately and each time I did I tried to do a complete system restore. Except for the first time, who knows what happened, everything went fine however with each new install keep in mind I did a complete restore to wipe out the previous install and followed all instructions correctly I still would get old files from each previous install, wierd.

How do I go about wiping out everything and I mean everything off the HDD as if it was a brand new out of the box HDD so I can start over completely clean?
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  1. You could do a DoD approved Clean. I am sure that you be way overboard though.

    Did you delete the partition?
  2. What is a DoD clean?

    I thought that I had deleted the partition when I was reformating but it just seems like each time I do this there are always residual files from the old partition left. I'll choose the option for a new partition and complete install, the menu then says the usual; doing this over a current OS will over write the old OS and wipe out all the files and creating new ones. I then hit yes for that option thinking that everything will not only be over written but erased which I'm hoping for. When the task is done and I can start loading my files again if I open documents and settings or even the "user" documents the files from the previous installs are still there. Any ideas? I'm using XP only.
  3. If your using a restore disk(s), then it will restore everything that was on the computer at the time it was created. If the programs you're concerned about were imaged, then no way you can prevent them from installing. Only alternative would be to get an OEM copy of XP
  4. DoD Cleaner in a nutshell

    Department of Defense.

    Basically whenever you delete something it is still able to be retreived off your hard drive. DOD Cleaners are what the DOD uses to make sure this very private & important info doesnt get out.

    It write date to every last bit on the hard drive. Then erases it all and repeats. I think currently the standard is 7 times. After that nothing will possible be able to be put back together!!

    I think gpaw is alittle closer to the correct answer you are looking for ;)
  5. Judging by your last post you're trying to do a fresh install from an XP disc.

    When you go through the setup, in the first couple of screens, you should see an option to delete the partition(s) on the drive. You can delete them and then re-create the partition size you want (or make the whole drive one big partition). Of course you'll want to do a format of your newly created partition but after that it should be setup as normal.
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