GPU Chart?

I was wondering if there is a gpu chart like the one for cpus

I found it really helpful for someone who isn't current on the latest alphabet soup for cpu/gpu model names and stuff. I t was nice for me to easily see where my cpu is compared to today and it helps compare the benefits of upgrading or not.
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  1. thanks for posting the same url I posted.

    I think this what you are talking about

    No need for sarcasm... Misread your post. Heres a link for the GPU charts. But not sure if they've been updated with the newest drivers.

    Edit: nachodonkey was to quick....
  4. offense..But it's right on the main page along with the other charts. Just check to the right of the page..Right above the "Forums" active scroll bar.

    Also a quick "Gpu chart" on google brings it right up as the first results...Once again no offense..But just a little searching would bring up the results without the need of creating threads like these on the forums.

    Do keep in mind though that NONE of these charts are up to date. For graphical charts that's a big deal considering the current state of ATI drivers..They are much better then the ones used on the chart..Which means better performance which won't be listed.
  5. Thanks a lot. I'm blind, I clicked on the graphics link but I totally missed VGA because that's not a term I use very much.
  6. no worries ^_^...
  7. Next time its upgraded hopefully itll contain Xfire and DX10 benches on the same list.
  8. yes... it needs some updating
  9. Are the GPU charts still using the old ATI drivers? or did they finally get around to using the new/er ones?
  10. They are still using the old drivers. I've pretty much given up on toms

    I still use the cpu charts which are extremely helpful. But considering the state of the older ATI drivers to the current ones...The gpu chart is just not useable for comparisons for the 2x00 series. Thankfully though there are other solutions to tomshardware to get those numbers. Not as vast as the GPU chart but they still give you a great comparison with the up to date drivers.

    Tomshardware = The new Fox News...It's sad...but true...=(
  11. I figured as much. I only use the GPU charts to compare older cards and to compare NV cards. Useless otherwise it would seem.
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