orientation of Thermalright Ultra on Asus Striker Extreme

I'm installing a Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme with a Scythe 120mm fan in an Asus Striker Extreme motherboard; the processor is a Q6600.

With all the heat pipes and fins on the motherboard, I was concerned about the pipes of the cooler touching them, so I rotated the cooler 90° so the fan is pointing down towards the expansion slots. After going back through the instructions, I'm not sure this is right. If you have this configuration, what direction is your heatsink/fan on your board?

Another question... thermal probes -- where do I put it to measure CPU temp? Between the processor and HS or ???


- Galen
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  1. take a quick look thru anandtech and you will find that the Ultra has no clearance problems with the striker extream and you would want to keep the air flow of your case in 1 direction ie. front-to-back or vice versa to have a better cooling effect and less turbulence and noise.

  2. Thanks netburst! I've looked around on anandtech and could not find any articles that talk specifically about the Ultra on the Striker Exteme. Am I missing something obvious?

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