Can I lose my data?


I have 2 HDD's on my PC. One is 150 and other 250 GB. 160 have 2 partitions. 250 is purely for storage. They where put thry RAID controler, but they where not made to be raid HDD's. Not in any RAID regime.

I want to go Win 7, but I want to set my HDD's in AHCI mode......
My question is:

Before I go win 7...can I change bios settings from RAID to AHCI (or normal) ? Will I lose any data to my 250 storage HDD in the process?

Please advice? Is there a danger?
& if there is....what to do to save my data...prevent not to lose it?

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  1. Hey again BalZenMK!

    There shouldn't be an issue with the setup you're mentioning. A handful of people will go through the same thing you are sooner or later.

    Changing from RAID to AHCI isn't a big deal. When you decide to go from Windows XP to Windows 7, do this.

    1) Put your files on one drive (250GB) and take it out.
    2) Use your 150GB drive to run and boot Windows 7.
    3) Install Windows 7
    4) Make sure all the drivers are working in the BIOS
    5) Plug in the 250GB Hard Drive (Let Windows 7 recognize it)
    6) Switch it to AHCI
    7) Data should be readable.

    If it's too much and you're confused, just get an External Hard Drive and store everything on it. Get Windows 7, install it on whichever drive you please, and transfer the files from the External Hard Drive.

    Good luck BalZenMK! Be sure to select the best answer!
  2. Tnx 4 the help man.

    Thats my thought's exactly. Will save my INFO on external HDD & then Ill play with the MF comp.
    I will inform about "WTF happened" :)

    all the best & tnx again
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