Limits of an E4300?

Well I have an E4300 processor and I'm wondering what the processor is capable of, realistically (not just one factory freak that can handle huge overclocks on a low vcore) but what the processors are generally capable of in the masses.

Currently I run:

E4300 @ 3.11Ghz with a Scythe Ninja 120mm fan/heatsink
P5LD2 Asus mobo
4Gb's PQI Turbo 667 ram

And I've ordered a petra 2 cooling system for the CPU. So I'm curious where I may end up after bumping the vcore and pushing this processor higher.

Would like to see atleast 3.5Ghz, feasible??
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  1. With the proper cooling, I'd say 3.8Ghz is feasible. However that doesn't mean safe voltage levels or long life.

    3.5Ghz should be doable within Intel specified VID. Just make sure you watch the temps.
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