AMD promises huge speed gains with new graphics driver package

Released on Oct 12th.

Has the performance increase been verified?
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  1. Well it looks as if most of the larger increases are just in Crossfire configurations - but it still looks like a pretty good speed boost for the ATI cards across the range.
  2. well... no thanks i wont risk anything until make sure that the numbers are right
  3. According to HardOCP shows that the 2900XT comes very close with the 8800GTX. This is of course with the 7.10 driver:

    Well of course half life is ATI favored...
  4. I tested with a X1900XT. they promise a quake wars speed boost....there was not difference...and a slight decrease in 3Dmarks and Counter Strike source(nothing you would notice, but no improvements either)
    HL2 was the same

    On the plus side DX 10 for the 2000's is coming along nicely....
  5. nukemaster said:
    On the plus side DX 10 for the 2000's is coming along nicely....

    Yeah, nicely, several months after its release. :sarcastic:
  6. better late then never.....was the same on the Nvidia side at first as well i think....not saying i am gonna run out and get a 2900pro/xt.
  7. I have only owned one ATI product but I still have to agree better late than never.
  8. I could'nt play quake wars with 7.8 on my 1950pro but now I can play and run it on max on a 3600 x2.
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