ocing my evga 768 mb 8800 gtx?

hey guys i know how to use rivatunr now to overclock my GPU.. but my question is what in rivatuner should i set my memory clock to, my shader clock, and core clock to.. i want my gpu to still b stable and have decent temps i dont want anythign to overheat.. so wut setting do i put it on?? by the way i have th NON_SUPERCLOCKED verison of the evga 8800 gtx 768 mb video card thanks :] and right now im at factory setting 576 core clock, 1350 shader clock , and 900 memory clock..
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  1. Well each GTX overclocks differently.

    Download ATI Tools to check for artifacts. Raise the the core by 5-20mhz increments and hit scan for artifacts. If no artifacts appear, keep on going. My guess is some where around 630mhz you'll start seeing artifacts. You may get lucky tho. Repeat for memory speeds.

    If you're worried about temps, Rivatuner can manually set the fan speed. Raise to, say 90%. Should keep it cool.

    Since the core clock and shader clock is linked, most people don't post the shader clock speeds. You can unlink it and overclock them separately. That being said, if you do unlink them, some where around 650mhz/1500mhz/1000mhz should be doable. If you rather keep it linked, 630mhz/1000mhz should be doable.
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