Need some help with my Q6600 and Asus P5k-V

Hello All, I just builit my computer last night and was surpised how fast this was. everything runs good. but i used Cpu-Z and Pc Wizzard 2008 shows my Q6600 ideling at 1.6ghz for all four the cores and i went in to the bios and disabled the speed step i belive its called. Also i am using Asus Pc Probe II to watch my core temp. and all that and my cpu does nto go above 100f lol. but i do have Zalman 9500 and it keeps it cool but when i am on my deaktop. the cpu is at 1.6ghz at 4 cores and i was wondering. is vista doing it or what not. so any help is very greatful. plus i got G0 Model of Q6600.

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  1. do you have ur multi at x9 and fsb at 1066??
  2. i am going to check in the mobo bios and see.
  3. ok i changed it to manual and it is at x9 but the cpu-z is still showing ideling at 1.6ghz it shows my FSB at 1069.1mhz and my bus speed at 267.3 and it show my mulitplier at x6 and every few secs it will jump up to 2.40ghz and at x9
  4. Check the BIOS again, it appears that EIST is still enabled. Disabling it in the BIOS should override Windows. If not go into windows power management and set it for always on.
  5. That would be speed step jumping in to reduce power consumption and heat production. Its normal. It throttles up to full speed when under load. Especially if you're not overclocking it wouldn't hurt to leave the power saving features on. There are various reasons, the main one being that you don't usually need 4 cores running at 2.4GHz and if you do it should stay throttled up to full speed anyway.

  6. Follow my instructions for a screaming 3.5ghz machine! - they are vague on purpose

    first your multiplier is floating, run cpuz and orthos and you can see it go up to 2.4ghz and stay there when needed - p35 mobos and quad core chips run best with setting enabled - usually its causes problems - but this system is rock solid and it helps keep your cpu at 50c or 67c with full load even with that crappy mini cooler and the water cooled gpu fan turning very slow. a good heat sink and fan will get you 55c

    see all 4 cores maxed run orthos, with both ram and with out ram, and run stabiltiy test at pcworld by john v - to max all 4 cores and ram - this system runs 72 hours with no errors - the fastest, most stable system i have ever built.

    set the anti vdroop to enable not auto - find this in the voltage section - research it
    set the fsb to max 1.5v
    set the cpu voltage to 1.4875 you should get 1.45-1.46 underload
    nb should be almost at the top of the voltagte range - check your nb its should be fairly cool - with your hand

    set your straping so you can set your timings and memory speed
    ddr800 4-4-3-10 muskin or supertalent will run 750-850 note: lower is better!

    fsb for the cpu is 380-420 for 3.4-3.6ghz

    you do not need a super large cooler if you leave let the multiplier float - stock settings

    this is based on these photos! email me for exact instructions if you need them! My competition likes to read my exact settings so i have to limit it.

  7. ....1.4875V for Q6600? Are you nuts? He's going to have problem with cooling if you clock the CPU at 3.4Ghz, and volted at 1.4875.

    I achieved 3.6Ghz with just a mere 1.4V. Why do you need that much voltage?

    Please stop giving others advices on overclocking, when they have no intention, or the proper equipment to.

    @ OP:
    Double check again if your SpeedStep is disabled, as well as enhanced C1E. They should be disabled by default.
  8. lol - did you read my post! it runs 40-50c normal operation

    72 hours with 3 orthos and stablity tests! 67c no problems - i have been doing this for years!

    its ok if you do not believe me - i warranty the cpu for 3 years on top of the Intel warranty

    achieving 3.6ghz and running it under all circumstances are 2 different things - not all chips are the same

    tell me about what apps and for how long you ran them at 3.6ghz what temps you got?
  9. That's because your case features four 120mm fans blowing directly on the motherboard....

    EDIT: 2 120mm fans, and a water cooling kit, if not equipped with TEC. Seriously, you really think everyone will drop 1.5k~2.0k on a computer?

    The OP might not have the luxury to use CM 830 Stacker. Remember that not everyone has the luxury equipment like you do...
  10. wow did u look at the photos? your rude! dude!

    no there is not the cpu is buried by the leviathan there is no fan - the Leviathan blocks the only 2 fans on the left - this is very poor cooling situation. there are some things done to improve it.

    the psu is flipped so it pulls fresh air

    the only fan is the 120 pulling air out - it runs very slowly unless your gaming - as far why its cool - you need to study it some more

    there are no fans in the left side of the 4 fan inner door due too the size of the leviathan
  11. there is no tec the cpu is air cooled by the heatpipe cooler only - my point is if this very poor cpu cooler works then with good cooling the settings are even better. thats why i posted this and not something as you are describing which would run at 55c -60c a max you can see times and temps on the screen shot

    there is no fans on the mobo

    the water system is sealed and has a 3 yr warranty - its the fastest 8800 ultra made 675mhz

    your wrong everytime - hey at least your consistant!

    i never use techs, i shipped 3 custom systems last week - how many did u!
  12. I have no interest in your rig setup, or how your rig is cooled.

    However, I know that you shouldn't give people advices on overclocking, when they don't have the intention, or the equipment to. How would you expect him to overclock his Q6600 to 3.4~3.6Ghz with Zalman 9500, and still maintain under a reasonable temperature?

    As I said before, don't associate C2D/C2Q with overclocking. Not everyone is interested in doing that.
  13. here you can see what you need to see with this - i have to go work now no more play time!

    I despise closed minded people that do not let others decide for themselves what to do with good info - no names mentioned

    boy does barcie blow! IFB #1
  14. wow are you dumb

    look at this set up do you think his zalman will work just as good with 2 fans one good one blowing out and good one blowing in mounted on the door

    with the psu pullin air out

    why don't you lwt others deicide for themselves mr 215 post expert - how did you run that quad core again?

    you overclocked it for 10 mins on the desk top?????

    look again no tec, no water, no case fans blowing on the mobo - only 1 slow rear fan cooling the system! how can that be?

    maybe the others who read this post will understan - wow maybe i might try running my system at 3.2 or 3.4ghz and you will need more voltage then what you have unless you want to crash at the worst time.

    this system shipped and runs great, it does not crash and runs fast as it is designed to do as i have done for many years - now please state your record on how many systems you build and ship and what specs they are!

    thank u!
  15. I already stated my point, and I won't repeat them, or engage in this "my e-p*n!s is bigger than yours" children's play.

    to OP:
    Please let us know how it turns out. Thank you :D.
  16. i have a Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS Black Full Tower Case w/ 25CM Fan case i have 2 90mm fans one on top and in the back along with 1 120mm on the back and 120mm on the frotn and 250mm on the side. i have very good cooling. my temps for my q6600 are 26c-30c my mobo is 32c-34c so i think i have very good cooling
  17. first sorry to flame this post - its late and i get all pissy

    second i have to give my speech - i mean to educate!

    what is qx6800 an overclocked qx6700 what is an qx6700 a overclocked q6600

    a x6800 is an oc 6700 which is an oc6600 which is an 0c 6400 which is an oc6300.......4400 ....2160 ...

    i do this so people will understand since the p4 days - the magic voltage is 1.45v - ok?

    dell systems ship at 1.62v - did you know that? intels quad core xps?

    that's dells top of the line $7000 system my runs essentially at the same speed at a lower voltage!

    research it - you might learn something??? this info can be round in thg article back a few months

    meanwhile let the other deicide what advice they like and do not mr 215 posts!

    ps: in 2004 thg said you need n2 to cool a p4 at 4.1ghz - i sold 4.25ghz systems for 2 years with zero failures

    last year i sold 4.4ghz EE965 systems - zero failures

    in 2003 it was 3ghz chips clocked to 3.6ghz in shuttles - can't do that right?


    you amd guys just because a barcie can not run over 3ghz and amd dual core fries eggs at 3.2 does not mean you can not do it with intel

    wow did u piss me off or what!


    this works due to the engineering standards at Intel which are much higher then amd - Intel has far more potential in safety margins then amd


    when i do have my first cpu failure after 5 years of only building overclocked computers the $1000 chip will cost $50 to $75 - as my 2004 warranties expire the replacment for the $600 560j can be had for $50
  18. killz86 said:
    i have a Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS Black Full Tower Case w/ 25CM Fan case i have 2 90mm fans one on top and in the back along with 1 120mm on the back and 120mm on the frotn and 250mm on the side. i have very good cooling. my temps for my q6600 are 26c-30c my mobo is 32c-34c so i think i have very good cooling

    follow what i say - i know what i am doing and i have been doing it for a long time!

    as long as you stay under 70c at full load after 6-72 hours you are fine, as your paste settles your temps will drop

    your system will run around 45-55c at high load at those settings i gave - try it and post your temps i check back
  19. Thanks everybody that fixed it all 4 of my cores are runnign at 2.4ghz Thanks again and my temp with my zalman 9500 is 26c which i think is very good. :D so thanks again and how would i o/c if i wanted to and would it void the warrentey right off the bat. just wondering on them
  20. killz86 said:
    Thanks everybody that fixed it all 4 of my cores are runnign at 2.4ghz Thanks again and my temp with my zalman 9500 is 26c which i think is very good. :D so thanks again and how would i o/c if i wanted to and would it void the warrentey right off the bat. just wondering on them
    I don't think you should have the lofty goals of dragonsprayer right off the bat. You can OC by using the the BIOS only to 3G/1333FSB by clocking your base clock to 333. You shouldn't need to raise Vcore and will probably be able to lower it. I'm not familiar with your BIOS but you want to lock the PCIe frequency to 100Mhz and set the dram clock to DDR2 800. looks like page 4-17 in the downloaded pdf. Then run Prime95 25.5 with temp monitoring software that you are sure is configured properly. CompuTronix has a sticky for ensuring that your offset is correct and that you are reading your temps correctly Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide. If you aren't sure what is happening, or your temps appear to be to high go back to the auto settings and do some research.
  21. leave voltage on auto and clock it 3-3.2ghz - you have nice stablity it run around 1.28-1.38v
  22. I don't know about that board but you should check the Vcore with CPUz or some other program and lower the Vcore after you are stable to least to 1.3. If you can keep it stable you will reduce your temps significantly. I lowered mine from 1.3 to 1.275 and I dropped my prime95 load temp by 10C I think, I can't remember the exact number.
  23. the p5k is best mobo for oc quac cores do to he anti-Vdroop option - Vdroop plagues all other mobos. the Vcore changes with load and time and hardware changes.

    remember your running a q6600 not a qx6850 - the extreme chips are cherry picked. also remember dell's research says 1.62v is the magic number i disagree - i think over 1.55v is bad. I use 1.45v since its proven for years to be a good voltage and its not far from the recommended settings. Intel has a 10-20% engineering "fudge factor" or safety margin of they though 1.55v was good they would use 1.3v. That's exactly what they do, I am guessing, lets call it guesestimating since alot reseacrh is in the mix.

    my settings are based on rock solid systems for sale - at max speed

    voltages should be 1.42 to 1.41 for dual core at 3.4ghz and higher for quad cores.

    you can use 1.41-1.42 for 3.3ghz quad cores

    you need 1.42 to 1.45 for 3.4-3.6ghz quad core and 3.7-3.8 dual cores

    this is all based on my very small micro R&D and system building - this info and is free and is correct. do with as you will - please add to it as you have zorg! thx

    the b3 and g0 chips are different too - i will skip that its gets too boring!
  24. He's got enough information to get started. One last thing, after you get the OC stable, then set the timings to those found on the SPD tab in cpu-z for the speed you are running. Sometimes the boards will set relaxed timings in the interest of stability.
  25. Believe it or not your system will run faster if you burn it in at a high speed. This sounds strange but it is very true - run the system at near max oc for 72 hours when newly build and it will break in faster then if you just let it idle.

    good thread - i am sure there is plenty of disbelief - i will add this is an observation, i have not sat down and build 2 duplicate systems and did the proper testing - more stuff to contemplate!
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