NF7-S Error with SATA HD

Hi, i have a NS7-S rev.1.5 with the last bios update.
I am trying to install a new hard drive (my first sata hd) Samsung HD501LJ 500GB, the hd works fine when i made the partitions (the first is of 126 Gb) and the format (i made it with my master ide hd and i can use the hd like a slave without problems).

The problem begins when i try to install the XP SP2 in the sata, i want that this hd work alone. I disconnect my master ide with the xp, and begin to install the xp in this sata.
I use the sata drivers disk pressing F6, all works and the xp begin to install in the hd, but when the system makes the first reboot for continue the install, it gives me this error INT13/02h Read error (AX=0100, DL=80) and i can't continue, please i need your help any one can give me a solution? :(

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  1. NF7-s SB does not support Sata2 3.0gb/s

    I have not got into sata yet however if you want to use a sata2 on a sata 1.5gb/s support mobo, my guess is you have to manually configure the DMA access and drive specs on bios.
  2. Juglenaut might be right, however if your mobo does not support SATA2 3GBs, try to look at your HDD, normally they have 1.5GBs jumper (to set it limit at 1.5GB/s for compatibility)

    Another thing: what is the setting for your SATA on BIOS (standard IDE, AHCI, or else). Personally I prefer to set it to standard IDE, don't really need for AHCI.
  3. tia u r everywhere :D
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  4. I tried the same thing you are doing and had no luck!! Its because are motherboards are old and isn't compatible with the new age stuff kinda sucks!!

    I have question for you Petexice!! How many gigs of ram do you have?

    You might be able to answer my question!!
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