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Lately my internet connection has been cutting out unpredictably. Some days it will cut out hardly at all, other times it will cut out every 10 minutes. It usually lasts 30 seconds to a minute, but seriously messes up any internet gaming. It’s probably been going on a month now.

I called Rogers (my ISP, duh), and they said one of my cable modem signals may be off or something, and they said to make sure everything was properly ventilated and plugged in. My router and modem are both plugged in and well ventilated, but nothing is working. It happens on both computers attached to the router. Rogers also said it wasn’t on there end, and might need to send a technician or something, which I would rather avoid, seeing as how I guarantee they will charge me big bucks and all they will do is tell me to get a new modem.

As I’m writing this, my bro is telling me that the modem is making a light show of sorts when this happens (I’m not usually on either of the computers when it happens). I have a Webstar DPC2100R2 Modem from Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. (my router is a D-Link DI-704UP, with the newest firmware). Anyways, there are 5 lights “PC”, “Cable”, “Send”, “Receive”, and “Power”. Normally, “Cable” and “Power” are constantly on, with “Send” and “Receive” flicking on and off. He says when the thing disconnects, “Send” and “Receive” stop flicking, then “PC”, “Cable” and “Power” stay on. Next, all five turn on for a second (like it’s restarting?”. Then “Cable” and “Power” turn back on, and the internet works 20 or 30 seconds later.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Have you tried rebooting your modem?
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