noob hard at work- 6000+ oc help

Happy New Year everyone!!

So im fairly new to overclocking (but have been reading related topics extensively since amd's pencil trick)
And im not too sure about
1)temperatures and
2)how much i need to increase voltages according to the increase in frequency.

My Althlon 64 X2 6000+ at stock settings are
200.9x15=3013.5Mhz @ 1.44v(AUTO)
And Corsair XMS2 6400 2GB dual channel RAM is at 376.7Mhz 5-5-5-12
CPU/MB temps at idle and load = 37C/38C and 50C/44C (18C ambient temps)

I increased it to 213x15=3195Mhz
so RAM is now at 399.4Mhz
CPU/MB temps at idle and load= 39C/39C and 55C/46C

almost same (+1C) temp results with 220x15=3300Mhz !@ 1.475V and RAM 412.5 @ 1.825V all stable but with 2T

1) Why are the load temps so high even at stock settings?
Is it an airflow problem?

I will be getting a zalman 9500AM2 or something similar soon. any suggestions for improving temps/airflow?

2) Are my voltage increments too much/too little?
when i increased RAM from 376 to 399 do i increase RAM voltage to 1.825?
The ram is supposed to run at 800mhz or 2x400 at stock settings and 1.8v.
And is 1.44v(AUTO) to 1.475 enough for a 10% cpu oc?

please feel free to clarify in detail. all help appreciated!!
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  1. no suggestions at all? i know the diagram's really bad but cmon ppl! i gotta work with wat i got..

    anyhow...turns out my RAM stock voltage it 1.9v!
    its the damnest thing...i changed the ram to 1.9v in the bios and
    my cpu/mb temps at stock setting dropped to 35/35C idle
    and with 213x15 at full load its only 48/46C prime95 blend stable.
    how on earth could ram voltage affect cpu/mb temps?

    i've been trying to up the core clock to 220x15 but i get blend test errors/BSODs even at 214 including with voltage increments. i suspect my cpu doesnt like even numbers.

    now ive got a couple questions for m2n32-sli users
    1)when set to auto, the cpu voltage reported by pc probe is 1.44-1.46v
    when set to 1.4625v pc probe reports 1.50v
    and 1.750v shows as 1.52v. whats going on here??

    2)since oc'ing the cpu core oc's the RAM and the HT-link, how do i increase voltages for the ht-link on this board? or should it be northbridge/southbridge volts? my cpu/ram volt increments arent doing any good.

    thanks ppl!
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