Should i buy this?

I have a great offer for a computer it's second hand so it's a really good deal.
This are the parts and it has 2 of these and 4gb of ram.
This are the questions:
Is this server configuration any good for a 8800gtx? I mean are server parts any good for games, and what about the pci-e slot it's 8 link what's that?
Should i or shouldn't i get this?
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  1. Cant anyone help me on this? Please.
  2. Well, server parts are generally robust, which is good, but if this is in a 1U rackmount, you aren't going to get an 8800GTX in there. The PSU is probably not built with the output or connectors for a high-end video card.
  3. I dont see any reason why an 8800GTX wouldnt work in it as long as you have an adequate power supply that would have the correct power connections and the board didnt limit the space for an 8800GTX to actually fit in the setup, but I ran an older server setup several years ago with AGP and found that I ran into quite a few problems with gaming. I couldnt tell if it would happen with this or not. What is the deal? How much would you be paying because if this isnt an absolutely GREAT deal then I would just jump on a regular LGA775 board and drop a Q6600 in it. Your games will not benefit from dual quads at all and it is possible that you could see stability problems with the setup while gaming. These are mostly just guess's not based on fact. So my advices is that if you are getting a great deal that is to good to pass up (as in if it doesnt work out then it wont set you back much) then I would get it. If not I would just build a rig more designed for your needs. Hope this helps!


  4. The 8x bandwidth on the pci-e may be a bottleneck on teh GTX, tomshardware found out it was on the GTS in quite a few titles so GTX is bound to be affected a bit more.

    Still awesome performance though.
  5. Well I am getting all those parts at 600$ wich I say it's a pretty great deal, they would normally cost around 1500$, if I buy it I will just add my 320gb baracuda and i will try to find a case that fits the card, and my psu is a 700w seasonic, will it handle 2 quads and a 8800gtx?
  6. If it looks good then it likely is good and as someone said server parts are built to last, and you will likely get a good oc out of it too. though that 8x pci will not be nice to your gpu.
  7. The 8800GTX Will be bottlenecked by the pcie x8 slot. Read this artice.
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