Type of Memory needed when Overclocking the E6750?

Hey guys, I made a post earlier about finding compatibility with the E6750. I've decided to overclock to 3.2ghz
the multiplier is 8x i would assume and 333 x 8 = 1333 FSB. so i would have to overclock the core to 400 mhz correct?
if thats right, then having the crucial ballistix tracer ddr2 800 would be what i need? I can afford to have the ddr2-1066 and i think lower the cas latency or something? not too sure about that. But would there be any significant difference in performance/efficiency if i opted for the 1066 over the 800?

Motherboard will probably be an EVGA 680i Sli motherboard (or another that is best for the E6750), seems popular with the E6750.

Any and all advice/explanation/criticism will be helpful. Thanks.
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  1. Get DDR2 800 with good timings like 4-4-4-x , DDR2 800 doesnt have noticeable difference with DDR2 1066 and it will OC very well too
  2. Hey ktmazter, you hit the nail on the head.
    But yea stay with a good brand of pc 6400 (800) ram. If you're really looking for some good stuff check out the ocz reaper memory (EPP model, great if you got the 680i chipset on yur mobo) the EPP lets your timings automatically get set to 4-3-3-15. And if you overclock at 4-4-4-15 I've seen guys hitting the 1000fsb mark on these bad boys. And for 110$cdn, notta bad deal to. So gives you head room to. But the memory you got is fine if all you wanna do is hit 400 buss on your board.
    Anywho heres the link to that memory

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