USB ports, PCI cards, all not working in windows vista x64!!!


I recently was trying to fix my accursed iPhone (waiting for a specific Android phone) but it wans't being recognized by iTunes. This prompted me to go to device manager and remove the iPhone drivers several times (which were showing up as error) in an attempt to get it to work. I then uninstalled iTunes and its associated components (Bonjour et al.) and rebooted.

Lo and behold, none of my USB devices are recognized (or even powered). My sound driver appears to be broken (the volume icon in system tray shows an X), and my PCI cards aren't working (evidenced by my wifi card grayed out).

This is on a Vista x64 installation Desktop, about 2.5 years old. System has been stable for the whole time, Intel chipset, Gigabyte mobo. I don't think my motherboard is fried as it boots up fine. USB peripherals work and are powered in all cd-booted environments. Drive reads and writes fine. Therefore I think the problem is confined to my windows installation - however I can't do ANYTHING in windows due to the fact that my usb ports are not working. PS/2 mouse does not work either. I don't have built-in bluetooth so I can't use a bluetooth keyboard.

I have tried Windows repair CD to no avail. I think it could be fixed if I could access device manager but that seems like a lost cause at this point... is it possible to fix the drivers (if thats what it is) through a bootcd or to access the device manager at all??

Any advice IT gurus? I'd rather not wipe and reinstall as I don't have time to do that for a bit...
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  1. Unfortunately, I believe a wipe / reinstall is your only option at this point.
  2. Try to reset the BIOS, unplug PC from power, remove BIOS battery for a few seconds, try again.
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