X38-DQ6 FAN control in bios

I just bought this motherboard and i have realized that this board cannot control more than 2 fans RPM.
One being the CPU fan, and the other System Fan1

Every other fan runs at full speed.. (and no there are no bios options for them)
I find this to be incredibly retarded on behalf of Gigabyte.
I've been currently using Asus boards upto this point and those have control over all FAN headers.

Or could this possibly be a bios bug?

The other annoyance.. there is no power LED on the PCB to know if power is on or not.. I mean cmon.. every other maker puts power LED's on the mobos!!!!
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  1. Well, yes.
    as an answer, tough!
    I am using 120mm Fan's on my case 1 in front and 1 in the back. They are currently running around 1200rpm and silent as a mice.

    I recommend a similar thing, you don't want them running any slower anyway...
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