X1900XT oddly warm!

So, I bought a Powercolor Radeon X1900XT about one year ago, though I didn't start using it until about a month ago when I installed it into a computer I built. The problem is, it's hot. So hot it scares me...

While in windows with nothing open the GPU runs at 66 degrees celsius, when I play Half Life 2 the fan goes haywire and I get angry beeping noisy curses thrown at me from the card (105+ degrees celsius).

It gets worse by the day too, just a few weeks ago I could play Bioshock with the only effect that the fan went up to 100%, but now it's overheating in Half Life 2...

One thing more, when I start the ATI tool and manually adjust the fan speed while the card is idle and monitor the temperature, it turns out it only makes the card hotter when I increase the fan speed. in idle, adjusting the fan speed from 31% to 100% makes the GPU go from 66 degrees to 75.

Makes me a bit concerned... Would be thankful for any help!
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  1. I would get some thermal paste, take off the cooler, apply a thin layer on the GPU with a razor and reseat.

    Are you overclocking at all?

    Those cards run HOT but not as hot as you are saying. I used to see mine hit 95C on a hot runnign game before I OCed it. I since bought this cooler and a nice fan for it. Cooled it 20C and it runs like a champ.


    If you don't want to OC and just want stock, reseat the cooler and apply some good paste. Watch out for the ram thermal stickers, you might want to warm the card up by playing a game and shut it down then remove it. It makes it easier.
  2. Thank you for the tips, and no, I haven't overclocked it yet. Might do it if I get the temperature down a bit first though. Will get myself some Arctic Silver then and see how much it lowers the temp, thanks again for the help :)

    The fact that I don't have any place nearby where they sell it so that I will have to wait several days to get the paste is a bit annoying though. Only downside of not living in a larger city :)
  3. Come on there has to be a computer store somewhere. Anyways, it could have just been a manufacturing defect or something when they mounted the card. I was able to remove my headsink a few times and still keep the memory thermal pads tacky. Just warm it up first and make sure you tighten it down well.
  4. No, there is no computer store close enough for me to get to without having to pay more than 5 times the cost of the paste to get there and back :) Huge parts of northern Sweden are like this ;)
  5. Sweden, ok I would consider myself ignorant in that part of the world. That stinks, But it is a GOOD card. Once you get it stable and such you should be able to overclock to the x1900xtx speed easily. My x1900xtx plays many games on full graphics settings on my 22" screen. The newer games take a hit though. Battlefield looks great though.
  6. Well mate I have the same card and I figured I would give ya a heads up. If you haven't used it in so long maybe the thermal pads dried out. It can happen. You should reseat the heatsink with some arctic silver 5 if they are dried out. That is definitly not normal. My powercolor x1900xt is running stock right now in Michigan without heat on in the house at 46C. I can overclock it to xtx speeds with everything stock by changing fan speed which for powercolor cards seems to be 621/720. The Sapphire cards are faster! However, even clocking it that high never goes above 65 C running 3d games like oblivion and what not. There is definitly something wrong with the seating of the heatsink. Find a guide for removing it and take your time doing it too mate. Good luck dude.

    Generally the only issue with the card is the intake of the blower getting clogged with dust and what not however, that is definitly not your case. Those are terrible temps. I had that problem early on because tweaking the card with ati tray tools (In my opinion way better than ATI TOOL) I still had CCC and it was messing up tray tools. Now that I just use driver only and WHQ plus tray tools it is LEE7. Good luck again dude
  7. LOL my old 6800 Ultra gave me around 90 Degrees under load it did not kill my card it still works
  8. Had a Sapphire X1950XT Brand New about 10 months ago. Come to find out the memory was dead in it I tried everything to revive her but to no avail. Went to Sapphire for help, but they couldn't tell you how to fly a kite. There technicians were horrible. Basic knowledge with little real world experience. Turns out I was better off working the issue with a buddy of mine. Ran some programs and Found Smoked Memory. DOA Sucks too because throughout the years I had a 9800 an 800 and that ATI card. First card was a 5600 lol. I am back with Nvidia 8800 now for sure now though. So long with ATI too, but there support led me over the edge. Drivers were always an issue too. Geez anyway enough of that. ....ya 105 is way way tooo hot! lol GL. Oh don't put an aftermarket on it cause it'll void the warranty. Sure you know that though. 105 it aint gonna matter.
  9. Two words: Slot fan. I have an an X1950 Pro that idles at 40° and loads out at around 52°. No one believes it till they see it. I have a slot fan directly under the card two slots down. It moves the hot air right out the case. Your situation has all symptoms of a thermal loop. Your card is recirculating it's own hot air and that's why the increase in fan speed increases the temp.
    This is the one I'm using:

    They also make a 32 CFM model if you don't mind the noise:

    These numbers are very cool for the X19xx chipset, and this is just an air-cooled system.
    Try a slot fan, you'll like it. :)
  10. ajai said:
    LOL my old 6800 Ultra gave me around 90 Degrees under load it did not kill my card it still works

    Yeah, but 90C is actually OKish for a high end graphics card, 105C is most definitely not.
  11. I heard that there was bad whatever they are called on those cards for a minute there and people had to send the cards back to manies to get them fixed and that is what the squeeking crazy noise is you are hearing. Capacitors or what ever they are on the card, caps maybe they are called. I actually stuck a fan under my card blowing outward through the pci slot card holder holes to get rid of the circulating heat issue with my last heatsink/case which the heatsink was a zalman. I copped me a antec 900 case and a thermal right heatsink now though so,, I have a ASUS EAX1900XTX that I got for $198 dollars just last month by the way woot.
  12. By the way my card hits 55c at full load overclocked to 1.5v and 702/837 with my new heatsink.
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