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Search Engine Changed?!

So I recently got the PUP.BundleInstaller and PUP.ToolBarDownloader "Viruses" and it seems to have changed my search engine. I have google as my home page for my computer and when I search something using the search bar underneath that days picture, everything is fine and it uses google to search something. But when I type something into the web address bar or URL bar as its also called, it suddenly changes to bing! How do I fix that?

Please note: That I do not use and have not referred to the smaller searchbar to the right of the URL address bar.

Thank you for any help.
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  1. If you already removed the spyware, clock on the down arrow to the right of the search box and icon, select "Change Search Defaults" see what's listed. If only Bing, click on Find more providers and select one, make that the default.
  2. I don't follow. when I clicked on the down arrow all that came up was my web history. are you referring to the down arrow between the favorite star in the refresh button? I also went to the smaller google search bar and made sure it was google. does that affect the longer URL box search engine? again I searched something and it was still bing. again I used the longer you URL box at the top of the page to search.
  3. What web browser are you using? If you want to do a web search, just use the search box, not the main web address box. Although the main address field should use the default search engine you have setup.
  4. Fire Fox. Like I said Id like to use Google engine as I always have. I tent to have a lot of tabs open and switch web pages while doing research by using the URL main box for convenience sake but Bing just feels awkward. How do I change the main engine Im using? Again, like I said, I go to use the main address bar and its bing now when it used to be google no matter what.
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    Try this for Firefox:
    Type "about:config" in the url box and hit enter
    click on 'i will be carefull i promise'
    type "keyword.url" in the filter and hit enter
    right click on it and select modify, paste '' in the keyword.url popup box, hit enter
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  7. Thank you so much for the help!!
    Sorry for the long wait. I didnt get a yahoo notification.
    I didnt want to try this because every post I read said it only made it worse but oh well. Thanks again
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