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Say I buy a LG lightscribe dvd burning drive, and I install the drivers, then down the rode I buy the exact same LG drive, do I have to re-install the drivers (say thery'e the same version) or will it recognize it?
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  1. Short answer:
    You dont need to install drivers, windows will automatically recognize the drive(s).
  2. I think its a new drive and I will be running XP Service Pack 2
  3. DVD burners don't require model specific drivers on any modern Windows OS. Unless there is something wrong with the OS and/or the drive, the drive should just plug in and work (assuming you have burning software).

  4. Okay well I just bought my second drive, now I have two identical drives, so when I get my computer all put together (new computer) I guess I'll only need to install the LG CD once. Am I correct?
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