overclocking E6750

heres my system:

8800GT 256mb (yes i know, should have gone for the 512mb; but it was a present)
2GIG DDR2-800

I ran 3dMark06 and got a score of roughly 10k+ with my stock setup. I then overclocked my E6750 to 3.2ghz, and ran 3dMark06 again, but didnt notice any significant improvement? It was still roughly the same. Is this because 3dMark doesnt rely heavily on the CPU, or because i didnt overclock it properly?
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  1. When you check the 3dmark results look at the CPU score before and after your overclock may increase, maybe 500 points?

    Your right thinking that 3dmark doen't bench your cpu much try using SuperPi and running the '1M' test. I have an AMD so my 24 seconds if fairly reasonable but your intel should get around <17 seconds.
  2. You should have seen an improvement in CPU score which improves your overall score. My results: Stock E6750@2.67 10,377 marks. 3.2 OC went to 12247. You should double check your OC settings and run Prime95 to check for stability.
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