Windows XP taskbar disappears sometimes

I sometimes lose the Windows XP taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes it never appears on bootup and in rare cases, it just disappears. When this happens, I almost never get it back. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else? I haven't really spent much time on this issue yet. ;)
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  1. Greeting:

    the taskbar never disappears—it just hides

    Windows Taskbar Disappears Sometimes When Programs Are Maximized

    Desktop & Taskbar disappear on/off

  2. Thanks, I have heard that this is a frequent problem in XP and 2000. I might try cleaning up uninstalled apps that are laying around, perhaps that will help. But why would that matter, if they are just sitting there? This is a confusing one. At least one of those links is a "how to cope with it" though, which is helpful, but I'd also like to know how to get rid of it. But I first need to understand why it happens, it happens when I've not tried to maxmize a window although perhaps an app made some sort of call to a Windows API that tries to. This is a strange one.
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