Opty 165 unable to get 2.7ghz on stock voltage: Help

I have an opteron 165 running at 2.52 GHz (280 X 9) on stock voltage (1.35) with a Zerotherm Nirvana and Artic Cooling MX-2 and it idles at 30c after 30 minutes of mozilla and steam up (no browsing or anything) and this temp is according to nvidia control panel.

Here are the specs of my system if you are wondering:
Antec P180 B with four 44 cfm 120mm fans, and a pci blower rated at 32 cfm
Opteron 165 (not sure of the stepping but it was bought in Feb. 06 and the model number is OSA165CDBOX)
Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRSnForce4 Ultra mobo
Corsair XMS TWINX2048-3200C2PT running on auto in bios (at CAS 3 DDR400 1t dual channel i think)

the mobo will no allow the ram to go over 2.8V or DDR400 and there is no multiplier selection for the cpu other than hyper transport 1-5.

Is this mobo good enough to get to 2.7GHz on stock voltage?
Is the ram good enough? Would there be any point in getting ddr500?

Please help.
PS: is there any possibility that my PSU isn't good enough? or is that even possible?
COOLER MASTER Real Power RS-550-ACLY with active PFC and 30A (360W?) combined triple 12v rails

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  1. well all looks adequate to me try upping the voltage a bit
  2. How does the ram get its frequency. I have an A8N Sli Premium and the memory frequency is determine by a divider off the clock speed. The board only allows me to set the memory to ddr400, or ddr333 or 266 or 200(not sure of the exact values). I have to set the ram as ddr200 to get a 14 divider. My opteron170 runs at 2.94Ghz. 2940 / 14 =210Mhz . . .perfect for my corsair xms ddr400 RAM.

    You should be able to hit 2.7, I don't know about stock voltage though. Give it some juice baby.
  3. @OP: You might need to back the HT multiplier down a notch to achieve a stable overclock. Your HT multi is how your RAM speed is determined. Back it down to 4x and see if it will pass POST at 2.7. If it does, stress it and see if it is truely stable. If it is, then you can go back and up the multi back to 5x and try to get your RAM stable at the OC'd speed. If it errors during stressing, up the CPU vcore a bit and try again. As long as you keep your temperatures under control, upping vcore a bit won't hurt.
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