Apex 373 Midtower - Anyone have this case?

Looking for anyone who may have had some experience with this case, though from what little I can find it seems good for a budget/multimedia PC

I do have a couple questions though, if anyone knew, what kind of additional cooling can I add to the box other than the 1 fan it says it has...and the side air duct, Looking at the pictures on newegg it doesn't appear to have much room, but how about a fan where the air duct on the panel is? think that would be easy enough to do and worth doing?

Thought it sounded pretty limited...this pc will be used mostly for burning dvds, watching movies, music and more geared towards storage and audio than video, though it will have a graphics card. Looking at an AM2 Brisbane cpu atm, will it run so hot this case is unsuitable?

Link: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16811154080

Says it has a 90mm fan and side air duct, that's it...what could I expect to do to increase cooling for the box?

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  1. i have an antec case simular to the one you mentioned...
    the side air duct is a great way to draw fresh air to you CPU...
    unfortunatly it is a great way to draw dust in as well.
    My wife's and son's machine both have the air duct...
    and it collects dust on the CPU fan.
    90mm fan may be loud to get the hot air out of the pc, 120mm fan would be better(run slower therfore quieter while still moving the same amount of air.)

    my 2¢
  2. Thanks for your input!

    I can definitely understand the dust coming in on the side panel, cleaning it once in a while (the computer inside) could be worth it for the price factor.

    It says it accepts a 90mm fan, there are converters to use a 120mm fan, right? I may try to look into that, though this isn't an experiment it's gotta work and be good to go (it's not for me, someone else so I won't have chance to 'tweak' it much later).

    MadHacker: What type of CPU heatsink/fan do you use in your case? I'm considering an AM2 socket Micro ATX board, but mostly the dimensions of your HSF would be useful to get an idea what would be somewhat hassle free fit
  3. ok i have 2 of these cases...
    Antec NSK6580
    I have a tunic tower in it cooling P4 3.2Ghz
    use to have a Zalman CNPS7000B-CU heastink on it but it got so clogged with dust.

    eventualy i will get rid of these cases...
    I also have Antec 180 & 182 cases for my self...
    they are rock solid cases.. and nice and quite
    as i said though my cases have 120mm fan in the back so that makes the case wider...

    if you are pressed for space a good heatsink is the Coolermaster GeminII Copper Aluminum 6 Heatpipe
    if you need more info let me know
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