Please help a Novice OC'er

Ok so im new to the OC scene.
After 2 weeks of reading SO many forums, ive overclocked the CPU and GPU. Now i need to get a little better at the tweeks as Im stuck at a point I cant seem to get anymore out of my system.

I wondered if any of you Guru's could give me any advise or tell me if im on the right track. Score is good bad ect.

Ok ill try and tell you everything that ive done so far:


CPU: QX6700
OC: FSB: 1166 x 12 (3.5ghz)
Voltage: 1.475v
Cooling: Liquid.
Temp average: 39oC

Memory: Corsair 800mhz 4 gig.
5-5-5-18 2t
874.5mhz (linked)

GPU: xfx 8800 GTX (just the one)
OC: Core 634 Memory 1000
Temp average 69oC
Mobo: Asus striker Extreme
PSU: Galaxy 1000w
Case:Thermaltake Mozart TX
HD: 2x Raptor 150gig 10,000rpm (Raid 0)
OS Vista 64
Think thats all.

So my 3dmark06 score is 13394 on default settings 3dmark settings.

If i push the GPU core past 634 I get glitches.
3dmark says im one of the slowest in the group of people with my same system spec?? (Is my score really that bad?)

So can anyone help my with some tweeking please.

My other question is for any Striker users. No matter what power settings i play with, my MAtrix Orbital and mousemat that are connected by USB stay powered when i shut down the PC (not sleep, actually shut down).
Anyone know how i can power down the usb?

Thanks to anyone who helps!!
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  1. you can up the pll voltage a little if you havn't already. Don't go above 1.6... I would personally tweak the memory timing down alittle, 5-5-5-18 is pretty high for ddr2 800 ram. You should be able to get cas4 out of that memory no problem.
  2. Even tho the memory is overclocked, he can still set cas4?
  3. I was looking at the fsb, not the ram frquency...So maybe not cas4 at that speed, but maybe. 74mhz isn't really a large overclock. My crucials at stock volts do 1200mhz@cas 5-5-5-15 or 1000@ 4-4-4-12. Stock speed on the ram is 1066 5-5-5-15 2.2 volts. The speeds above or also @ 2.2 volts.
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