Help with Dual Monitors and DVI-D, emergency!

Hey, I've got a machine I'm trying to run dual monitors off of. The card is a 7300LE with DVI and VGA outputs.
Other people have posted that they have been able to get multiple monitors working but I can't seem to. I have a 19" LCD hooked up to the VGA port, and have tried 3 different dongles to hook up a CRT to the DVI port. The DVI port is a DVI-D port according to the box, since it is a digital signal does that mean that it is not able to work through a dongle to a CRT? I have tried hooking up a DVI LCD to it and gotten multiple desktops working NP. Anyone have much experience with a DVI-D port and a CRT?

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  1. Yup, that's the problem.

    The VGA connection on the CRT is an analog interface. The DVI-D is digital-only. A DVI-I is both digital and analog. You need a DVI-I supported port on the graphics card and then use an adapter plug.

    Try hooking the CRT to the VGA port and the LCD to the DVI-D port.
  2. Like firemist says put the crt on the vga then it should work.
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