Restoring acer aspire one to it's factory default

hey guys,
a friend of mine has acer, aspire one with xp,I was trying to restore it to its factory default settings using eRecovery Management because of virusses and other related problems. but, i am getting a message
" hard drive configuration is not set to the factory default. restore aborted"
I really need to restore it to the factory default cause it shows a vast majority of the disk space has been used but there is no file on the disk other than the operating system. And also it's running very slow, not to mention task manager and device manger are disabled by a virus.
what can i do?
please i need a solution
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  1. hi,
    can you please help me i have tried everything i can think of to reset my acre to default with no luck. my laptop is a mess i need to do this it is my only option and the acre people are NO! help can you PLEASE tell me how i can do this? alt f10 or alt f12 does not work the acre e recovery doesn't work at all i tried to updated the drivers uninstall reinstall them so on.... i am at such a lost what to do and it didn't come with a reboot CD.

    maria :fou: :fou:
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