I'm new to Tom's so bear with me. I've a compaq presario(SR5310F),4yrs old,
250gig h/d,1.60 dual core processor, 2 gigs mem., and vista home premium w/s.p.2. My
h/d is beginning to get grumpy on startup(noisey, but not at a level where one might think
there's a chance that perhaps the hardware reaper is out for a stroll. And the noise lasts
maby 5 to 10 seconds). However, I think it's time for a hardware change. Better now than
later, I reckon. Ok, so I have the factory image on 9.33gb of it's own partition, taking up
0.98gb of space within. The C drive is 201gb free of 223gb. Now, apparently one cannot do
a full system backup with this vista version. So, my question(s) relate as to how if possible
can I recover the system to a new h/d. Now, I know that whatever drive holds the o/s
would be the primary drive. That,ofcourse raises more questions, at least with me and my
limited computer knowledge. but if the theory is possible I'll figure it out, with help,ofcourse.
Now, there's a process within the HP help and support called recovery manager
which I'm sure others' within this forum are more familiar with than I am. Through it I've
made a recovery disc spanning 3 dvds. HP says it's for use when the h/d croaks. I think,
fine, that sounds like what I'm looking for. As for the details as to how this process is
implemented following a disaster seems to be a bit lacking for someone with my limited
pc knowledge. Now, I did make another disc as per HP, relating to (I think) the ability to
gain acess to an otherwise dead system. Perhaps this disc is used in tandem with the
3 dvds I made. My hesitence to go ahead and give it a shot is only justified by the
various nightmarish outcomes such endevours may reveal. Also I've read of the many
available software programs relating to system recovery. One of which is Norton Ghost,
where you can try it out for free(which pleases me just fine). Another is a free open
source program called Clonezilla.
So, long story short, I want to replace my h/d and have my o/s put on a
new and healthy h/d., all within the same computer ofcourse, what with software laws
and their 2 million pages of lawyer speak(aka the Eula Monster). So,is it possible, without
selling my soul? Or do I remove my mouse from its scabbord, hold it aloft and proclaim-
Into the valley of death rode the 600...
Thanks for your time, folks.
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  1. Make a set of Recovery DVDs if you haven't already, replace your old hard drive with the new one and reinstall Vista from the Recovery Disks.
  2. Quote:
    Make a set of Recovery DVDs if you haven't already, replace your old hard drive with the new one and reinstall Vista from the Recovery Disks.

    Hi Grumpy,
    I appreciate your reply. I do have 3dvds as per the HP help & support recovery
    manager. So all I need do now is replace the old h/d with the new and then load the 3
    recovery dvds? Sounds easy. Couple of questions if I may. Does the new h/d need to be
    the same size as the old? I'm not worried about space for my personal stuff-music, videos,
    pictures, documents,etc. I always eventually put it all to cds or flash drives. I just was
    wondering if a different size h/d would mean having to enter the dreaded Bios. In fact would
    I have to enter the Bios at all during the process? And perhaps a silly question- As I made
    the recovery discs I labled them as they were created-disc 1, disc 2, disc 3. Would I load
    them on the new h/d in the same order, or does that not matter?
    So, in short:
    1) Does the new h/d need to be the same size as the old?
    2) Do I need to do anything with the Bios during the exchange process, or at all?
    3) Do I load the recovery dvds on the new h/d in the same order that I created them?
    Thanx again, Grumpy
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    1. No.
    2. No.
    3. Yes.
  4. Quote:
    1. No.
    2. No.
    3. Yes.

    Thanx Grumpy
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