What's with Accelero S1 Ramsinks? they just dont stick


I've installed yesterday my Accelero S1 on a Gigabyte 8800gt.

Everything went well until trying to place the Ramsinks, no matter what 2 of them wont stick.

if I buy a two-side glue and put some thermal grease on the ramsink and the 8800gt will it have any effect? will it help? atleast it will stick :( .

Would be great to hear some suggestions.
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  1. A trick you can try is to take a q-tip dipped with isopropyl alcohol (Preferrably 90% or better) and rub it across the contact surface of the ramsink thermal pad for approximately 30 seconds or until it starts to become tacky. At this point, place the ramsink onto the ram chip. This method activates the thermal compound.

    Before you do this though, test a small area of the thermal compound, just in case the alcohol has a negative effect on the compound.

    Edit: Also, you do NOT want to get any normal glue for this task. You want a special thermal adhesive that would bond and give thermal dissipation at the same time. However, bonding with an epoxy as such provides a permanent bond. You would do well to consider this before bonding the ramsinks as such.
  2. I used these instead of the ones suplied by Arctic Cooling.
  3. As long as it works for you, then thats all you need. Good job on DIY!!!
  4. akasa make 2-sided thermal tape
  5. The only problem I had with my accelero sinks was my fault, I accidentally hit one of the sinks with my L clip and it fell off and landed on the fins, with a small screwdriver and some finger skill I stuck it back up, other than that I don't know why people are having a difficult time putting the sinks on, Ive read a few reviews on the egg with the same problem. Don't be afraid to use a little pressure, which I think is what people aren't doing, I grabbed my board by both ends, one finger on the opposite side of the ram module and my other hand pressing the sink. This way I provide even pressure to not warp/bend the board. Since the install none have fell off. I think it was people a little afraid to put a little umph into it. You can maybe try my method but I believe after 1~2 trys the material may lose its tackyness. Cant hurt though, just make sure you get rid of the ESD, or use the strap.
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