2 ATI 2900s 512 mb in crossfire better than one 8800 GTX?

Would 2 ATI 2900s (512 mb) in crossfire (specifically 2 of these http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-160-SP&tool=3) be better than one 8800 GTX (specifically this one http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-035-BG&groupid=701&catid=56&subcat=877)?

I already have a xfire mobo so 2 ATIs would be cheaper - but more powerful?

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  1. Tough question dpending on the game, however, that said, if ATI's new drivers live up to what they are reported to do, it should be a lot better in a lot of things.

    The 8800gtx is probably the smarter choice, but if you like ATI more, then 2900pro's are the way to go.
  2. http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/1189/his_radeon_hd_2900_pro_512mb_early_test/index.html
    Can't really find any crossfire results. But it does seem to have chance to out do the GTX.
  3. Ehhhh.... Probably
  4. it would kill in UT3
  5. I had an 8800GTX, my water loop leaked and killed it.

    I now have two x2900XT 512MB cards in crossfire on an x38 board (x16/x16 PCIe)

    The x2900XTs are slightly faster but even in a case with massive airflow they cannot cool themselves very well, and the drivers are pathetically unstable.

    I would give them away for a new 8800GTX tbh. Biggest waste of money ever.
  6. What OS and drivers are you using? Have you tried the 7.10 ones yet?
  7. SLI/CF Never scales 100%
    Ie: If u get 60fps with one card u will prob only get 100fps with 2 cards.

    Thats why it never makes sense going sli/cf UNLESS ur at the very peak of performance, like 2x8800 gtx. People wanting 2x7600's are just wasting their time.

    As for 2x2900's. Given the massive price increase over a single gtx id HOPE they would be faster, but id still prefer 1 gtx.
    I had a 1950xt (on water, which DID have a leak which i didnt see for ~24 hours till green fluid started leaking out the bottom of the case. Ran down from the cpu, down the mobo, pooled on the card, down the mobo, thru the pci slots. Didnt kill anything the :D)... and that ran quite hot, so i can believe 2x2900's being close to each other will run quite hot.
  8. 2 HD2900XT's in CrossFire will obviously be faster than ONE 8800GTX. Maybe not an 8800GTX Ultra. But if you want 8800GTX in SLI vs HD2900XT in Crossfire, 8800GTX for sure.
  9. 2x 2900pro's arent more expensive then a GTX, here in uk anyway, its £300 for a GTX and £160 for a 2900pro.

    Idk if its different where I/you are or you were reffering to 2900xt rather then pro.
  10. Uh... 2x160 > 300.

    New math?
  11. vertigo_2000 said:
    Uh... 2x160 > 300.

    New math?

    Old math.

    2x160= 320
    320 is > 300
  12. Quote "Given the massive price increase over a single gtx".

    Do you honestly think £20 is massive? Its even smaller when considering your spending £300+.

    He was probably thinking about 2900xt, in which 2 of them WOULD be massive cost over a single gtx.

    Aslong as you got a few case fans I cant see cooling dual 2900pro's being much of a problem, they are rated at 150watts which is significantly less then the 2900xt's 225watts.
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