Winword exe 50 cpu usage in windows 7

When i open winword 2007 in win7 it is taking 50% cpu usage.with that pc getting the slow
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  1. Try repairing or reinstalling winword. I believe that in the control panel where you add/remove programs, there should also be an option to repair/change.
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  2. sravankumarbabji said:
    When i open winword 2007 in win7 it is taking 50% cpu usage.with that pc getting the slow

    I had this problem also and spent about 9 months trying to fix it. I have Office 2010 running on a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

    I tried many fixes, including buying various software advertising to fix a "winword.exe" problem. Nothing fixed this problem. Then I tried the following and have had no problems since. Hooray!

    First: Open the Task manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE and under the Processes tab find any instances of winword.exe and select "end process".
    Next locate the WINWORD.exe file on your computer. For me it was located:

    Computer>>Local Disk C:>>Program Files (x86)>>Microsoft Office>>Office14
    Scroll down to WINWORD. Right click and then in the drop down menu click on "Troubleshoot Compatibility". Select "try recommended settings".
    Windows will detect issues and in my case automatically set the compatibility mode to Windows XP service pack 2. It will then prompt you to "Start the Program". You may get a UAC dialog asking if you want to allow changes to your computer. Click "yes". Return to the troubleshooter dialog box and click through to finish. It also may ask if you want to save the compatibility settings for future use. Again, click "yes".

    You are done. You should not have any more problems.
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  3. I had the same problem and after following your instructions, everything seems to work smoothly, regarding cpu usage! Thank you.

    However, the compatibility check returns the following every time I run it:

    Program Compatibility
    Issued found:
    Incompatible application: Detected
    Fix application winword: Completed

    Issued found
    Incompatible application: Detected
    winword is incompatible

    Any ideas please?
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  4. Many thanks for the solution to this annoying problem! -gc
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