How is write protection removed from cd/dvd discs??

how do I burn files to cd-rw that will not be read only. And can this be changed file on the cd be changed from read ony to write and save updated information?
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  1. To add new files to a CD-rw or DVD-RW disk you have to reformat the disk and reburn the entire thing with the new files --- Which means erasing all of the contents that are on the disk so is not really the format you want -- what you are wanting is DVD-RAM which is a format similar to a HDD or USB drive where you can reuse the disk much like a HDD and write files to them and erase\add more files without rewritting the entire DVD.
  2. There is a format called UDF that allows rewritable CDs to be treated like a hard disk. I don't think that Windows Vista supports this natively, so you would have to Google to find UDF software for Vista. Have a look at this article for a few more details.
  3. Thank you very much - know what to do know.
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