Do I really need a new modem for faster internet or is Comcast lying?

I have comcast and currently have a 4mbps cable internet package with them. I called and they have a 6mbps package for the exact same price per month but they said my modem is older and need to upgrade to a new modem to get the faster speed (and they wont' upgrade the package without giving me a new modem). Catch is the modem is rented to me for $3 a month whereas currently I own my own modem which is a Motorola Surfboard.

Is it true that I need a new modem to take advantage of the 6mbps speed or is Comcast just scamming people so they rent their modems?
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  1. Sounds fishy to me. What model # is your modem? There is a list of approved modems on Comcast's website.
  2. I checked and I have the motorola SB5100. After doing a little research it sounds like I just need to make sure the router is DOCSIS 2.0 compliant which the router states it is. So it sounds to me like the router should work fine with the 6mbps transfer and Comcast has no idea that the router I have currently does what the new router they want to rent me does.
  3. Logically (and what is ?) if they can offer you a higher speed than your modem can handle they are right.

    BUT in most cases the advertised "up-to" speed is fiction. Depends on where you are in the loop and how many others are using it.
  4. well I went to speakeasy and did a speed test. I live in IL and was able to download at about 5.8mbps from a Chicago server so that seems to confirm first off that my routers supports up to 6mbps, but that I am currently getting those speeds already even though they say I only have the 4mbps package. Comcast people have no idea do they?
  5. from past experience.. i would agree that your current modem should be fine.. comcast is trying to trick you with a sales gimmick.... that initial burst of speed you are getting is a part of Comcast's network... they call it like speedboost or something. If you have a really big download, you speed will even out to about 4mbps or lower
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