Adivice: LOW Power/Noise download box and more

Looking for advice:

I want to build something:

Very Cheap - will build via ebay etc
Very Low Power - (im a student on an electric key meter)
As Small/Low Profile as possible
SILENT (ideally no fans)


Download Box (Want to be able to turn my power hungry/Loud pc off at night and leave downloads on and also be able to start new torrents etc downloading when i am away from the house)

File server
Web Server
Something i can take home from uni on holidays to use at home (Email/web browsing/instant messaging/word processing).

i was thinking maybe something along the lines of an epia?

can you guys point me in the directions of componets and software that would suit my needs.

any help will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Epia or other mini-ITX with a mobile CPU should meet your requirements. There are a lot of options out there.
    Im guessing you're looking at Linux and other open source software? File server/web server can all be done in software and will depend most on what OS you end up choosing.
    Confirm you're not looking at Windows OS and mention a budget range you want to stay in.
  2. i would be fine to use ubuntu or whatever, but i do have windows xp licenses.

    ideall as far under 100 as possible!
  3. 100 what?
    You're probably aware that its expensive to go small and quiet?
    Maybe even double what an inexpensive PC would cost.
    Check out for some ideas.
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