Best program to check system stability?

ok im going to be doing some overclocking and im wondering what is the best program to be doing stability tests. Iv read so many reviews and articles, all the programs get pushed together.. lol... i seem to remember super Pi being a good program.. the others i cant remember sadly (im tired)

but anyways if you could let me know and if entirely possible, provide a link to the download, that would be fantastic

also to anyone who has done ocing with a Q6600 G0, what are your settings. Im just going to oc to 3GHz and then leave it. I have a thermalright ultra 120 extreme with as5, hopefully that will be enough.

Also what is a program to accurately monitor the temps of a q6600 with g0 stepping?
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  1. Should read the article on OCing at the top of this forum with links to stability testing programs and temperature monitoring programs.

    As far as temps go read the Temperature guide from Computronix.
  2. That cooler will get you to 3.0 easily. Cnumartyr has pushed his to 3.6 with a TRUE I think. He lapped his proc and HSF tho.

    Prime 95 is a great stress test.

    Grab CoreTemp and SpeedFan, then calibrate your thermal monitoring according to Comp's post in CPU overclocking section. You can't always trust inital values in CoreTemp etc, you want to make sure you are reading proper values.

    CoreTemp - ***NOTE*** If you are using Vista, you must disable driver signing for it to work.

    SpeedFan - - remember to calibrate this program using Comp's guide or it will just confuse you.

    You can also use Everest Ultimate, but it's not free. However, it is a geat monitoring/benchmarking/stress test all-in-one.

    Good luck!

    cnumartyr beat me to it! :)
  3. sweet thanks for the replies guys :)
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