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Background Story:
We live at the end of a road, it dead ends at our house. Across the road is our inlaw's and everyone on our little road knows us. My son (2 1/2) loves to play in the sandbox i made him out front. My wife normally watches him from the front of the house he is really good at not going towards the road. Since it's all family on this road or people who work for our family ect.. the traffic is very very low. Maybe 5 cars a day come to our/neighbor's house. I want to setup a Webcam so that she can view him from inside the house so she can keep a eye our our daughter and him.

Options listed A - ideal to C - Acceptable

Option A: A webcam where she can access the feed via a Internet URL that requires some sort of login (thats secure), and I can access from work.

Option B: A Webcam that is accessible via a Local IP / DNS name on the web browser so you have to be on our network to view it.

Option C: A easy method to directly connect the WebCam to our HTPC so she can view him on it while he is outside playing.

Thing's i'm considering from previous research..

LinuxMCE - a OS for our HTPC that features a camera function, has extra controls i don't need.

Skykpe - i've considered since my wife has video skype on her Andriod phone, that setting up a skype account that auto answers people on their contact list and allow her to video call the HTPC and it auto answer and turn on the Camera Feed.

I've seen a few other options around the net and i'm looking for something reliable.

Host PC (If needed for wire camera) WinXP

Possible Devices to connect from

Linux Laptop
Fedora Laptop
Fedora Desktop
Win 7 Desktop (at work)
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    gotta be a record.

    Anyway considered resolved. I'm using a autoanswer function on skype until i can get LinuxMCE working the way I like on a virtual machine.
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