Cooler Master Cosmos Case, thoughts ??

Hey guys,

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Cooler Master Cosmos case ??

There doesn't really seem to be any topics on this case in the forum.

I have a Cooler Master 330 Elite, and I am thinking of changing it.

The Cooler Master Stacker, seems to get good reviews, but for some reason just really doesn't appeal to me visually.
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  1. I prefer cheap cases like the Elite 330. I have one of those, and a Centurion 5.

    However, as high end cases go, the Cosmos is very impressive. You don't get the full effect until you see it in person. It is huge, and very sleek looking. Very well made also.
  2. I have seen it, and WOW ...

    I am just wondering if anyone has done a build with it, and if it's as good as some of the reviews I have read.

    If I spend that much, I wanna know there are no design flaws, ands it's easy to work with.
  3. It's a pretty interesting case, alot of fans. might be a little noisy. Airflow will be very strange, alot (4 120mm fans) pushing air out, only 1 120mm in. has to pull air from the back, might circulate HOT air that just came out of the case. requires the bottom of the case to be clear of all obstructions. Also requires a special power supply (long cable) for the motherboard. Can't see any diagrams of the front part, not sure if it allows more air in or not. Does look a bit roomy, it does seem to be made with water cooling in mind.
  4. just build my new PC using the Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 Case...first impressions are:

    + Superb build quality
    + Lots of room
    + Excellent cooling and noise levels, the 120mm Fans are very quiet (MB temp 30-35C, CPU E6850 (with Intel stock cooler) 40-45C
    + Looks the part
    + Nice screw less solution for the 5.25'' drives and buffered drawers for the HDDs
    -Very,very heavy's huge and might cause problems if your desk is too low (access to the USB ports on top)...the metal bars (handles) are there for a reasons
    -Lower metal bars might get scratched if not placed on carpet
    -Well it is expensive

    btw it didn't cause any problems with the cabling ( I used the Seasonic M12 Modular 700W Silent PSU)
  5. computerte ch82:
    Thanks, do you know what PSU is reccomended, as far as cable lengths?

    (I have a Cooler Master Real Power Pro - 750W)
    And judging by the screenshots of the case, it doesn't seem much different, except the PSU being below the motherboard, instead of above it.

    Sounds great, I think I can manage the price tag, although my choice of video was an 8800GTS, might go to an 8800GTX now, so I have to re-work my budget, or time frame for this build.

    But I do like the case, and I am not really one for moving my PC or transporting it, so weight should not be a problem.

    I think making an easy build as far as space, and cooling performance is the goal.
    Plus it looks damn cool !!
  6. The Cosmos actually looks quite nice. However, I'm the kinda person who likes all black cases.

    A cursory glance at the specs seems to tell me that it is not overly expensive for the features that you are getting.

    Hell, it costs less than half the price of the case I want to my new HTPC in next year, the SILVERSTONE Crown Series CW02B-MXR.
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