1950xt agp HOT!

hello. i own a 1950xt agp and plan on keeping it for a while. but it get's very hot over 100c and thats after tightening the back up and adding some decent thermal paste as suggested in other threads.i was wondering if any 1 can reccomend a replacement cooler that fits this card ? ... maybee a Zalman (VF900-CU) does this fit ?
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  1. Could your case and power supply be part of the problem? Maybe you don't have enough air flow.
  2. i have a decnet antec case with 1x 80m fan at front and side and 1x 120mm fan at rear plus one of those extractors next to the gfx card. also ive tried with the sides and the top off the case and only make a couple degrees diffrence.my psu is a hyper type-r 530w
  3. Those extractors can actually take air away from the intake of the gfx fan.
    Those cards will always run hot, is the fan ramping up?
    Get (pretty much) and cooler from thermalright, and a decent fluid bearing fan to match. They work wonders.
    Check their website.
  4. I had the exact same problem. I have a x1950xt from sapphire. I replaced the original cooler with a Zalman vf900cu, but still had heat problems, even after a five day burn-in period, some arctic silver, etc. The only thing I found that kills the heat is an Antec VCool. If you've never seen these before, they take fresh air from the back of your case (via two empty pci slots) and push it onto your heatsink. Now I'm getting much better cooling, but it's still a hot bugger.

    Playing Unreal Tournament with the best settings we get, it'll heat up to about 95 degrees. I play BF 2142 and the hottest it'll get is about 80 degrees (whereas before it was getting to well above 100 with slightly lower graphics settings). I bought a Vcool from ebay for about $10, they usually sell for about $15 before shipping. It's well worth the cost and I highly recommend it for our ridiculously hot cards.
  5. i do use the upper fan in case as exhaust while the lower fan for inward the air, help my V2 Fan & HIS 1600 pro run well.
  6. hello thanx for all replies
    the fan is ramping up yes but in intense gfx games like fear,bioshock and unreal3 demo i set the fan to 100% and still the card gets to hot.i also have to lower resolution on these games and sometimes even lower clock speed to play the game without system restarting due to over heating which is about 105c :( . i plan on playing crysis when its out and i dont wanna have to reduce clock speed to play it as it will need as much power as possible.i wouldent mind overclocking lol.but thats just not possible right now.@ kekai ill look into one of those antec vcools thanx for the heads up..back to topic.....will a Zalman (VF900-CU) fit my geecube 1950xt agp ?
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