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Hi, I need to know, is low end graphics (i.e. 8300, 7300, 8400, X1300, etc.) Also, could you tell me what one if possible is worth the money? Prefferably under ~$50-60, Thanks
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  1. Quote:
    Hi, I need to know, is low end graphics (i.e. 8300, 7300, 8400, X1300, etc.)

    Is low end graphics what? You didn't ask a question, so I can't answer it.

    Rather then tell you which cards are better, try telling us what cards are available to you in your price range. We can then tell you which of those cards is best. You should also tell us your system specs, and what the card will be used for. (starcraft 2 perhaps?)
  2. i say in those card, if u can somehow fit in a 8500gt then it will rock. hope i helped.
  3. For gaming they are prety useless in whatever they attempt, its better to go for a 8500gt or a 2600pro, theyll play most games at low to mid settings without AA at a desent framerate.

    For a card just to run your screen off of like Ill be doing with my HDTV, then they are brilliant. You wont notice a difference between that card and a $1k card in that respect.

    Aside from that, ALWAYS go with a graphics card over integrated, ANY newer GPU even for $50 is much better then any integrated graphics out today.
  4. Since you're asking about integrated graphics, I assume you haven't already bought a motherboard. Get one with PCI-E (i.e. not AGP), and this $70 7600GT:


    Edit: I like the 8500GT idea too, it can save you $10 or so, but the 7600GT is faster. Play with this page and get some idea how both work at your resolution:

  5. sorry, i forgot to add, i meant to say is low end graphics worth it, a previous post didnt post
  6. Well a $50 gpu is much better then integrated for a number of reasons, for such a low amount of money to spend out IMO its definatly worth it.

    Up to you though.

    $50 for just a GPU not really any good in games, can still probably play older ones on low settings though.

    $80 or so for a 8500gt/7600gt is best bet, although you'll still have to play newer games with relativly low res and settings. Older games should run fine though.

    One thing to also take note of though is that toms benches are using quite old drivers compared ot the newer ones, ATI's latest cards performacne have greatly increased and nvidias latest cards are a bit better too.
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