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In the market to buy a new router to replace my old D-link G604GT. I usually am a heavy internet user, play games mostly on my PC (wired connection), have a xbox360(wired connection) and ps3(wireless) linked and another laptop which uses the internet frequently (Wired/sometimes wireless).

Now I always trust a good old wired connection for my PC as I game alot, but I have to consider a router which also offers me wireless connectivity for my ps3, and my laptop if my cable cant reach the room I'm in.

So my options are:

NETGEAR DG834G (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/52244)

Belkin N Wireless ADSL2+ Router (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/132751)

Linksys WAG160N Ultra RangePlus (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/142701)

I'm also curious to know if there's any benefit buying a 300mbps data transfer rate routers as compared to the normal 54mbps data transfer rates.

So any help on which router would be a better purchase would be much appreciated!

Many thanks.
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  1. Most claims for wireless above 54mbps are a figment of a marketing dept's imagination.

    Netgear products seem reliable enough (most of mine are secondhand) they have good support and a helpful user forum -- though I am biased as regular contributor there.

    Belkin get a lot of stick on general user forums.

    Linksys stuff has a good reputation -- though I found their support less helpful.
  2. I would personally go for a N router. If you are upgrading your router, you might as well invest for the future!

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