Diamond ATI HD 2900XT crashesssssssss

[#ff0e00]Ok So i have been reading, and reading, and reading..
And i cant find anything (prob not looking in the right areas)
but In the COD4 demo.. after about 15 min my screen turns to green and brownish vertical lines.
It was worse at first - i turned AA down to 2x, and drastically cut the settings.. then i was able to up my play time from 2 minutes to 15..
i tried removing drivers, and reinstalled. - nada
im going to try the ATI Driver removal tool and reinstall.

does anyone else have any suggestions? ihave tested everything (my pc is up to date on drivers for EVERYTHING. in fact this is a brand new rig i built about 2 months ago)
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Socket AMD
MOBO: Asus M2N-E
RAM: 2GB OCZ PC2-6400 4-4-4-15
PSU: ANTEC TruePower Quattro 1000W
MONITOR: Samsung 20'' 206BW
Video Card: Diamond ATI 512MB 2900XT. i had it OC'd, but cut that out after problems.
Audio Card: HT Omega Striker 7.1 (turned down incase interfereance)
Case: Antec P182
My Quake Wars also crashes after about 10 minutes of just being in the MENU.. not even the game.
PLEASEEE help! lol other than running a dual boot, i dont know what to try. and id rather not dual boot as i have no idea what to do(althou can figure it out)
Also - the Crysis BETA was... odd. I could see my guy.. but the entire enviroment was plain colors. the mountain, was a mountain but ONLY the color red. no shading. just the color red.
Even my IT guy at work cant figure it out really..
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  1. Sounds like your card is failing, still could be a driver problem though. Im guessing you are using catalyst 7.10?

    Try rolling it back to 7.9 and seeing if you still have the same problems.
  2. Had nearly the same thing happen to my X1900XTX last month. It was the card failing under heat. It failed under STALKER, but Q4, HL2 and others didn't seem to cause the problem. When I dug deeper though, I discovered that STALKER was the only game that got my GPU temp to 70 C (the others were in the low 60's). So I ran ATI Tray Tools 3D view while scanning for artifacts and sure enough when the card his 71C it started to artifact. Now that said, my system didn't crash and my artifacting wasn't as bad as yours is. I would get olive green rays through the scene in STALKER and they would get worse, but I could always make out most of what was on the screne. In ATI Tray Tools the problem was consistent, the same part of the rotating ship would artifact in the same manner and the artifact was static (ie it didn't move around).

    I tried everything, cleaned HSF, re-seat HSF with Artic Silver, run fan control higher, open case, but nothing keep the card cooler. Not to mention that 70C isn't that hot for these cards, I have seen many people with 85C under load with these cards.

    My suggestion to you is to try and get your card to fail in something other than COD4, this way you can eliminate it being application specific. You could also play around with different versions of drivers. I would normally have said you should try other games, but you have to make sure that the games you pick are going to stress your card as much as COD4 is or it may not do the same thing leading you to make the wrong conclusion, similar to what happened with me.

    Ironically when I replaced the card under an extended warranty that I thankfully bought, I got a Sapphire 2900XT 512MB as a replacement. I use ATI Tools (not Tray Tools) to adjust the fan settings, I found the fan settings in the cards BIOS don't kick in high enough to keep the card as cool as I like it. The card on default settings was going as high as the high 70's even up to 80C, and the fan was only spinning at 38% PWM. So I upped the fan settings across the temperature scale, and now I don't ever get above 67C with the fan usually running at 50% - 60% PWM. Of course I have to put up with increased noise.
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