Taking off files from the labtob's hard disk.

i want to take off files from the labtob's hard disk. the XP does not run and a blue screen keeps appearing when I tried the safe mode and others. IBy the way, have a PC to take this data and I can take out the hard disck.
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  1. Remove the laptop's hard drive and get an IDE to USB cable.
  2. Use Ubuntu live CD then copy the files on a USB stick or dvd
  3. You can also purchase a 2.5" HDD external enclosure with IDE or SATA connectors. This will make the job very easy. You will need to determine if you need an IDE or SATA hard disk drive though.

    Then take a look somewhere you can find it cheap, such as eBay:


    This way you will be able to connect the laptop HDD VIA USB ports on the host PC.

    The next challenge will be finding the documents you need on the HDD, the Windows search feature with a wildcard + file extension should do it for you. e.g. Windows search E: drive (or which ever letter is assigned to the external drive) for files *.doc will bring up all word documents on the external drive then you can copy / cut and paste.
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