Q6600 G0 76 DEGREES! :cry:

i have my Q6600 running at 3.0ghz (333x9) at the moment prime stable,
but every now & again my cpu in everest & asus probe leaps to 76 degrees & paranoia forces me to reboot, my cores are still reading 33-37 degrees though, also when i reboot & go into the bios to check temps there (some 40 secs later) it states 30-35 degrees!
a 40 degree drop in temps in 40 secs?
am i getting false readings?
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  1. Goodie, do you have the last bios? the 0907?
    It has a correction in the CPU temperature detection algorithm.

    Anyways, the 40c drop is possible, i see something like that when go out from prime :)

    Also, 76 is your Hottest core, right?

    Dont use asus probe. Use speedfan and read the guides here, the temp calibration is a great one!
  2. no, none of my cores reach 76 degrees just the CPU temp, all 4 cores are below 37 degrees
  3. Are you talking about the Tcase and TJunction? Forgot which is which, but the temp guide here explains it.

    What he (or she) meant was Core temp = cpu temp. If your core temp is that low, then life should be fine. Use coretemp to read your temps.
  4. Read the temp guide is going to help you with the readings, the temp you are reaching or is misreaded or you are in serious problems! ;)

    Check the bios also, i used to have a similar problem as you and fixed everything with the guide and the bios ;)
  5. I know what you are talking about goodie. Thought it was just a visual bug in Everest. I still believe it to be a bug, and you didn't reach that temperature. However, you said Asus probe reflects the same thing???

    I've seen 3 cases of this so far. All on Maximus Formula boards. So, I'm thinking it is either a faulty sensor, or some bug in the DAC or reporting at the hardware level. Mine spiked up to 90c! I freaked out until I saw the cores were at normal load temp.

    Or maybe just a quick BIOS flash will fix it :) I just don't like to flash the BIOS if I don't need to. Everything is working great now. No sense in futzing with it to fix a not even irritating visual bug.

    It may just be an Asus problem. Now that we know it's reproducable, I'll shoot Asus an email and post any solution I find here.
  6. mine shot up to 79 degrees this time but core temps were -40 degrees!
    is the 79 degree temp what is known as Tcase temp?
    & if that actually went up to 79 degrees wouldnt my core temps go up to about the same?
  7. Yes, that is Tcase, and once again, DON'T worry, it's a false reading.
  8. What BIOS version do you have?
  9. I'm just going to warn you now. Don't flash the BIOS if this is the only issue you are having.

    Just remember that usually, the delta between core temperatures and Tcase is around 10c. Sometimes less, depends on your cooler. So say your hottest core is reading 65c, you can bet your Tcase is somewhere between 55-61c.

    If everything is operating normally though, don't flash the BIOS to fix a visual bug. Sometimes, flashing the BIOS can cause problems that didn't exist before.
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