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Please does anyone have any ideas as to why my editing Pinnacle Liquid Edition 5.62, which has run quite well for years on Win XP Pro (32bit), refuses to load when exactly the same XP is installed from my other PC2? LE appears to have fully installed from disks, except for one part of Title Deko where a 'cyclic redundancy check' message comes up.
As soon as I try to load LE, I only get the message 'Please insert a disk into your CD/DVD drive and restart the application.'

The spec for PC2 is:
The Acer X3200 Aspire Desktop PC offers NVIDIA GeForce 8400 Graphics, a 320 GB SATA hard drive with a 8MB Cache, 4GB of DDR2 RAM and a AMD Phenom X3 8400 Triple-Core 2.1 GHz Processor.

Here's hoping!

Ian Menage
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  1. Hi Ian,
    Ady from Yorkshire here!
    I'm now on Liquid 7.2 (£78 upgrade last year) - It's great! - I started years ago on Edition 4.5 and kept upgrading - however I still have 5.62 on my old pc and seem to remember this problem (or at least I think it was the same. . . )

    LE 5.62 has a list of dvd drives and their "technical characteristics" in the pc's registry. If the dvd burner you have installed is not on this list, then you'll get this "insert disk and restart" type of message.
    Answer for me was to remove all dvd/cd burners from new pc and put in an old one from my old pc - then install Edition. aok ! (hopefully)

    Longterm; you have to get a dvd burner which matches (or nearly matches) one in the registry list, and add the name in the registry, and "copy" the parameters for an older drive, hoping the new drive is close enough to work with the old parameters. ( delicate work) - I seem to remember 16x dvd burners tend to be ok, 20x burners were too different for me to match.

    I'm a novice at Registry editing ( you can seriously mess your pc up if you muck it up!) - but followed other's advice in the pinnacle forum (now moved to somewhere in avid) . I could never fathom why you could install Edition from a whizz-bang-new DVD drive, but then Edition couldn't see it to let you open program ? ! (Liquid 7 doesn't have this problem.)

    Message me at britmovie-co-uk if your not sorted by this; my us er name is Ady.

    Good luck ! - Ady
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