Multiple operating systems and stuck on dial up

I just went from xp 64 to a dual boot system with xp 64 and ubuntu 64 and i'll probably be getting vista home premium or ultimate around january-ish. my old dial up modem is conexant based and i decided to find a modem compatable with all three operating systems rather than buy the linuxant driver for my modem under linux. what i found was an Actiontec analog router (a router with a 56k v.92 modem built in) had it set up in xp 64 in 2 minutes and ubuntu 64 found the connection and set it up automatically. so if your stuck on dial-up and need to access the internet with multiple computers or operating systems you might want to check it out. best 50 bucks i've spent this year.

one thing my dial-up password had a # in the middle and the modem couldn't send it so i had to change my pwd
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  1. Why dial-up..? :(
  2. justinmcg67 said:
    Why dial-up..? :(

    Because some people only have dial-up access.
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