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For fun I'm working on a low-budget (700-1000) PC to run some music production software. I have a few questions about what I need that is low-cost:

Should I look into multi-core processors or stick with the one? (I'll probably choose AMD over intel)

With the software do I need extra RAM or a larger hard drive?

Whats the best sound card that I can get for a low cost?

Is there anything extra I should look into to make the PC a lot better?

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. All processors for computers now are multi-core, except for the low end and low power devices.

    Don't know what "extra" RAM would be, any RAM you have in the system is not really extra. 4 gig is plenty, many systems now come with 6.

    Same with the hard-drive "larger" than what? A 1 TB is pretty much a standard and is enough to hold a lot of files. You may want a couple of 2TB drives setup in RAID1 for redundancy so you don't lose any files to a drive crash, plus an external drive for additional backups.

    Any sound card you have for music work would need to have good inputs, which takes away the low cost options. This should work well for a fairly low cost

    The question about making the PC a lot better is in the same boat as the rest of the questions, a lot better than what?
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