Ping times out - what do I DO?


I have the world's SIMPLEST network. A host computer, windows xp, plugged directly into a satellite modem (Internet) and ONE client computer.

I had to configure my IP addresses manually, but the host ends in "2" and the client in "3" at the end of the IP string.

So - from the client, I can

1) See the Internet fine
2) Ping the host fine
3) Ping the root host (1) fine

From the host I can

1) See the Internet fine
2) When I ping the client, it returns REQUEST TIMED OUT

Both computers are members of the same group.

Both seem to connect fine to the Internet at all times, no problems.

The host computer, sees ITSELF, in that, if you map a drive, and you click on Microsoft Windows Network, then the group name, you SEE the computer name.

On the client, when you click on the same group, it stalls, and you see NOTHING - neither the client NOR the host (despite being able to PING the host)

The Windows firewall is TURNED OFF on both machines.

I have wasted FOUR HOURS troubleshooting this, and can get nowhere.

What do I do to resolve "Request Timed Out"?

The client is attached to the network via a Belkin Wireless Adapter, which seems to work and connect PERFECTLY.

From the client, you can ping the client,(itself) and it responds.


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  1. Do an ipconfig /all on the client. If the MAC keeps coming up as an FF-FF-FF-FF, then the NIC is on the way out. I have the same thing, except with wired card, spent days on another forum, and just ordered a new NIC card.

    If that's not the case, I cede to a more knowledgeable user.
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