How to identify nVIDIA's northbridge and southbridge chipset?

1. Can we identify northbrige and southbridge chipset of nVIDIA? Their roadmap doesn't describe very clearly.
2. What's the meaning of nForce and GeForce?
3. What's the meaning letter added to each mode number e.g. U,PV,V, VG ,G , P, S? For example, MCP55P and so on.
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  1. Hopefully this will answer your questions...

    1) Best way to ID the chipset is by ID'ing the motherboard then visiting the mobo makers website. Most mobo's have the model name/number printed right on the PCB.

    2) nForce refers to nVidia's motherboard chipsets whereas gForce refers to their line of graphics board chips.

    3) Depends on the specific chip, but the MCP in MCP55P means Media Communications Processor and the P after the 55 I believe refers to the revision and/or features of that partcular chipset.
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